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Our Trusted Servants . . . Thank you to the new and prior Committee Chairs, Co-Chairs, and Committee Members for your time spent in service and your continued commitment to the growth of the Florida Region and Nar-Anon as a whole.


Regional Service Committee (RSC)

    FL RSC Webpage      

    Chairperson: Belle -- 

    Vice Chairperson: Whitney --

    Treasurer: Jim M --

    Secretary: Cathy K --

    Delegate: Lynne K --

    Alternate Delegate: Patty H --


Area Service Committees (ASC)

    Bay Area ASC Webpage


Narateen Committee

    Narateen Committee Information
    Narateen Chairperson:   Joni --


Outreach Committee

    Outreach Committtee Webpage  

    Outreach Chairperson:  OPEN

    Outreach Secretary:  OPEN 

    Outreach Communications: Sheryl B --

    Convention Chairperson:  OPEN --     

    Outreach Helpline:  Bonnie W --    

If you need help finding a meeting or are unsure of whether a meeting is open or closed on a holiday, please contact the Outreach Helpline at 1-888-947-8885.  The helpline is not for reporting emergencies. In case of emergency, the proper authorities should be notified.


Website Committee

    Website Committee Information

    Website Chairperson:   Mike L --

    Webmaster:   Theresa M --





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