GSR (Group Service Representative)

The GSR is a vital link in the continuing function, growth, and unity of worldwide Nar-Anon.

When Your Meeting Begins, Changes or Closes:

1.  Notify Nar-Anon WSO:  edit existing meetings or register a new meeting
2.  Notify FL Region:  email the Region Chair & Area Chair

Please include these 4 items: (1) your contact information, (2) your email address, (3) Group ID#, and (4) details on what information that is changing or starting (address, city, county, room or suite, day, time, and any additional details to assist finding the meeting). 


Meeting ID#s are given to each group when they are submitted to Nar-Anon.  Your meeting ID# is found under your meeting details both on the FL Region "find a meeting page"  and on the Nar-Anon WSO website under "find a meeting."   If your meeting does not have a meeting ID#, your meeting has not been registered with Nar-Anon world (use the link above to submit your group meeting).


2018 CAR

2018 CAR (Conference Agenda Report) & correspondence
Group Vote: 2018 CAR Vote in excel format



Region Assembly Telconferences & Meetings:

Next Assembly Teleconference Meeting:  Sunday, Feb 25 @ 7:30pm;  re: motions for next assembly, click here for more details
Next Assembly Meeting:  Saturday, March 24, 2018, click here for more meeting details & information



Forms, Information & Links:

* GSR Monthly Report Template

* Motion Form or use Motion Form EZ-Fill-In

* Robert's Rules of Order Chart

* Flow Chart

* Nar-Anon literature, Nar-Anon WSO information, etc...

* FL Region Assembly/Teleconference Minutes

* Service Literature:

* NFG Guide to Local Services & Guide to World Services




Group Service Reps (GSR's)....

-- GSRs are elected by their groups for a three-year term.

-- GSR's should be members with experience and stability in the Nar-Anon program and an understanding of the Twelve Traditions and the Twelve Concepts and how they work.

-- GSR's completes and submits the GSR registration form to the Regional Service Committee (RSC) secretary

-- GSR's attend all area meetings and region assemblies, and reports to the group on the proceedings of these events. Florida Region currently meets 4x a year: 2 Regional Assemblies held in a central region location and 2 Teleconferences a year. 

-- GSR's vote their group's conscience at area meetings and region assemblies

-- GSR's Brings the group's viewpoint on any situation or problem concerning Nar-Anon to the area meeting or region assemblies

 -- from Nar-Anon Guide to Local Services --  "An assembly is an event held at least once a year. The assembly is attended by officers of the RSC, the delegate and alternate delegate, the region's GSRs, ASRs, and subcommittee chairs. The assembly is a vital link between groups and the region where members conduct the following business" ......."The only voting members of the assembly are GSRs, or in their absence, alternate GSRs or group substitutes. This is consistent with one vote per group. Only recognized GSRs are considered voting members." ...... "All Nar-Anon members are welcome to attend assemblies. At the discretion of the chair, speaking by non-voting members may be limited."




The Florida Region extends an open invitation for GSR's and members to participate in our committees:  Outreach, Convention, Helpline, Narateen and Website Committee.  The only requirement is a desire to serve others, to bring the good news of Nar-Anon to those in need.  Interested?  Please email the Committee Chairpersons!



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