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Regional Service Committee (RSC)



Regional Service Committees (RSC) support areas and groups by providing opportunities for them to communicate with each other, acting on behalf of their common interest and encouraging growth of the fellowship. The RSC’s purpose is to plan for the general improvement of groups and areas by holding regular business meetings, and to conduct assemblies. Its members strive to work for the common good of Nar-Anon as a whole, guided by the conscience of their groups.  Click here to contact the Nar-Anon Florida RSC.



   1.  Procedures For Adding/Removing/Editing Group Meetings  (Flow Chart)

   2.  GSR Monthly Report Template

   3.  Motion Form

   4.  Robert's Rules of Order Chart & Overview, easy-print PDF



The Assembly meets four times a year; 2 meetings & 2 teleconferences


NEXT MEETING:  CANCELLED: September 16, 2017, at 9am:  Regional Assembly (may be referred to as F2F or Face-to-Face) will meet at Highlands Hammock State Park, 5931 Hammock Road in Sebring FL, in the Recreation Hall (click here for the park map).  The state park entrance fee is $6.03 per car; 2-8 occupants.


AGENDA & ATTACHMENTS for 09/17/2017 Regional Assembly meeting


ABOUT ASSEMBLY MEETINGS:  -- from Nar-Anon Guide to Local Services (6-9) --  "An assembly is an event held at least once a year. The assembly is attended by officers of the RSC, the delegate and alternate delegate, the region’s GSRs, ASRs, and subcommittee chairs. The assembly is a vital link between groups and the region where members conduct the following business" ......."The only voting members of the assembly are GSRs, or in their absence, alternate GSRs or group substitutes. This is consistent with one vote per group. Only recognized GSRs are considered voting members." ...... "All Nar-Anon members are welcome to attend assemblies. At the discretion of the chair, speaking by non-voting members may be limited."



Assembly Minutes March 11, 2017 - DRAFT

Teleconference Minutes December 11, 2016 - amended minutes without full amended content




2016 Minutes -  9/10/2016

2015 Minutes - 6/20/2015, 9/19

2014 Minutes - 2/22/2014; 5/30; 9/6

2013 Minutes - 2/22/2013; 3/24; 4/28; 5/18; 6/23; 8/25; 9/28

2012 Minutes - 1/29/2013; 2/11; 3/25; 4/22; 5/19; 6/24; 7/22; 9/22; 10/28; 11/25; 12/23

2011 Minutes - 1/23/2011; 2/19; 5/1; 5/23; 6/26; 7/24; 8/28; 9/17; 10/23; 11/20

2010 Minutes - 1/24/2010; 2/20; 3/28; 4/25; 5/23; 6/27; 7/25; 8/22; 9/25; 11/28; 12/9

2009 Minutes - 1/31/2009; 2/22; 2/28; 4/4; 4/26; 5/24; 6/13; 7;26; 9/12; 11/22

2008 Minutes - 1/10/2008; 1/12; 9/7; 9/28; 10/11; 12/8 (with redactions)

2007 Minutes - 1/28/2007; 6/30; 9/29; 10/28

2006 Minutes - 7/27/2006, 8/27, 9/24, 12/20




Committee work page



Nar-Anon World Service Office (WSO) Conference Agenda Reports (CAR)

The CAR (Conference Agenda Report) is a tool by which we are able to communicate the issues that we will address at the WSC (World Service Conference). The motions received from regions around the world are included, as well as motions from world service committees and the board of trustees. The CAR also includes information describing how the conference will function.

 ARCHIVES:  2010-2016 WSO CAR  







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